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Acting Professional

"Professionalism: It's NOT the job you DO, It's HOW you DO the job."


"Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it." Frank Tyger


"It is performing a task in a methodical fashion, with conviction, dedication and passion to achieve better results each time. Its tough, it calls for a lot of commitment, but its certainly not impossible. In fact each one of us can be professional in our approach to work."


"Intelligence + Talent + Ability + Professionalism = Achievements

Mere intelligence, talent or ability isn't enough to achieve something. The dash of professionalism needs to be present too and practiced."


In order to build up your brand, platform and reputation that people know and can count on then it is absolutely essential that in everything you do that you do it with class, dignity and professionalism.

People and organizations who act unethically or unprofessionally do not succeed because they do bad business which leads to a bad reputation and a bad brand name.

Remember that professionalism is how you do your job and the concepts that you practice and follow in how you do your business. Using shady business practices, ripping off customers, selfish greed, acting with negligence or using derogatory, false, dishonest, aggressive or malicious statements even about other competitors is the opposite of professionalism and will lead to a bad reputation for you and your organization and possible further criminal punishments.

You will get a lot of your success and you will develop a great reputation as a leader if you act professional and you are always honest in everything you practice.

Taking the right steps to solve problems and taking care of your future leaders, customers, employees, the general public, the media and even your competitors will give you the professional reputation that people will always trust and that will make them want to do business with you and join your network organization to become a leader and find the wealth and the nicer things in life.

In all of the duties you perform such as marketing to and coaching future leaders in your multi-level network marketing organization you will have to do the right things to make sure that they are happy and comfortable as one of their partners or customers because acting professional is not what you do but HOW you do it!

A good thing to do is to monitor your organization each month and at the end of the month look back at what you can do in order to improve your business and your strategy. It is important to commit to doing this because it will create general improvement in your business each month about how you can achieve better results, get more business and act even more professional!

You can have all the right ideas, talents, capital and intelligence to become the most successful organization in the world but if you do not have any professionalism or an honest and winning strategy then you will never see any success due to your aggressive, unprofessional or unethical experiences that will hold you behind.

Always monitor and keep a careful watch over everything in your organization because if you do not even the things that you least expect could end up becoming a liability when you would least expect them to.

An example of this would be if you were the owner of a grocery store and you mop the floors in the morning and a customer ends up falling and breaking their back due to your failure to warn them about the slippery floor with a caution sign. If you want to avoid the these possible lawsuits or accidents from putting a dent into your finances or your reputation then you need to monitor all of your moves and assets and make sure that they all have the highest level of watch and professionalism.

Remember that future leaders will join your organization because of YOU and the way you do business rather that what you actually do and that is why it is essential to always monitor everything and act with the utmost class, dignity and professionalism if you want to build your, brand, platform, reputation, network, customer base and eventually your personal gain from profits because this will attract the customers and future leaders to you because of your good business practices and because they can trust you and be inspired by you because of your smart techniques of networking and your sound business operations.

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Modern Sales Professionals Build Professional Intimacy

Effective selling requires sales professionals to build professional intimacy. The reality is that sales people only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Salesmasters International draws on over 17 years learning and development experience to provide structured skills training to support sales professionals in developing these skills. Modern Customer Centric Pacing effectively supports the sales professional to set up the dynamics that enable both parties to move a conversation forward.

Modern Customer Centric Pacing is the art of authentically aligning you to the client. The most effective way to dramatically improve your skills in customer centric pacing is to learn how effective communication builds professional intimacy. Communication occurs on a number of levels: 7% is through the words we speak; 23% is through the tone of our voice; and 70% is through non-verbal signs.

Modern Sales Professionals understand this and have mastered building professional intimacy. Here are a few tips to assist you.

Tip #1: Demonstrate Empathy- Your ability to see a situation from another person's point of view. Customer Centric Pacing helps to build trust and rapport with your client. Find your common ground and stay on it. People like doing business with people they like. Customer Centric Pacing is a relationship building exercise that enables sales professionals to create a true exchange of thoughts and feelings.

Tip #2 Consider First Impressions- You have one shot to make the best first impression. Customers notice shoes, hairstyle, clothes, posture and state of the surroundings, the way we walk and talk. Your first ten words are more important than the next 10,000.

Tip #3 Establish Rapport- Ask your client for their opinion on a non-controversial subject; ask them about themselves, their hobbies, pastimes, interests, listen to them actively; look them in the eye; display a positive attitude; be sincere; under promise and over deliver; tell the truth; be interested; don't try to impress; and tell them something personal about yourself.

Tip #4 Matching & Mirroring - You can subtly lead the mirroring by turning into the person with whom you are dealing, mirror their rate, speed and volume of talking.

Make the sales encounter a positive one - If is up to you as a Modern Sales Professional to match your prospect's mood at the start, then lift the mood into a more positive one. When you moods are matched, effective communication can occur.

Salesmasters International's Modern Selling development programs are practical. Modern Sales Professionals learn that Customer Centric Pacing must be practiced, once you have mastered it, selling is easy and fun! Get into step with your customers, raise their mood, and be positive, caring and friendly.

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