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Choosing Professional Wedding Make-up

The right make-up for a wedding is one of the many important elements to consider when planning for a wedding. Brides need to be conscious of this element as it completes and complements the overall look of her wedding ensemble. Professional wedding make-up artists study the craft of applying wedding make-up as this is different from fashion, film or photo-shoot make-up. Below are essential factors that a professional wedding make-artist needs to consider.

Study skin types-It's advisable to study and assess a skin type before even choosing a wedding look or deciding on a professional wedding make-up artist. This will also help the bride decide on the type and artist. Skin types can be anywhere from dry, oily, prone to break-outs. Skin types may also mean complexion type. These include fair, olive, medium fair, or dark. Of course wedding make-up is different for each nationality; Asians, Caucasians, African-American and Latin-Americans all require complementing colors and palettes.

Research on styles- Today there are various make-up styles for every type wedding.
The make-up will depend on the time, place or theme of the wedding. Beach or other destination weddings will require summer palettes. Evening weddings needs make-up that is slightly dramatic but not heavy. Formal weddings entail wedding make-up that looks polished and smooth.
Artist rapport and personality-The wedding make-up artist's rapport and personality is a major consideration when deciding on the make-up. It's important to relate well with the bride. The artist will be working in close proximity to her from the pre-wedding preparations right up to the reception festivities.

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Tips of Asian Bridal Make Up-Part 2

Make up artists also recommend using waterproof products when applying Asian bridal make up, since brides do a fair amount of crying and tearing up on their big day. Airbrush makeup kits, like the paramedical kit from Dinair for example, contains waterproof eye shadows and eyeliner to work with. Waterproof black or dark brown mascara will call attention to eyes and open them up in photos. Basic colors work best in Asian bridal make up, since daring, bold colors often have the tendency to look dated in the wedding photos.

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Another Asian bridal make up tip is to make the Asian bride's lips appear larger by using a natural lip liner right outside her lip line. Most Asian women have delicate features and thinner lips, and a nude liner helps. Next, you can apply the same airbrush makeup shade you used as a blush to fill in her lips.
Having the exact same color on her lips and cheekbones ensures you won't stray outside the same color family when applying Asian bridal make up.
Asian women can also take advantage of airbrush tanning kits that will give them color and help prevent them from looking sallow, opaque or washed out in the pictures. Airbrush tanning can even out bathing suit strap lines, cover up tattoos completely, and provide the perfect base for Asian bridal make up. With these Asian bridal make up tips, Asian brides-to-be should be ready and beautiful for their full day of celebration ahead

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