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Choosing Professional Wedding Make-up

The right make-up for a wedding is one of the many important elements to consider when planning for a wedding. Brides need to be conscious of this element as it completes and complements the overall look of her wedding ensemble. Professional wedding make-up artists study the craft of applying wedding make-up as this is different from fashion, film or photo-shoot make-up. Below are essential factors that a professional wedding make-artist needs to consider.

Study skin types-It's advisable to study and assess a skin type before even choosing a wedding look or deciding on a professional wedding make-up artist. This will also help the bride decide on the type and artist. Skin types can be anywhere from dry, oily, prone to break-outs. Skin types may also mean complexion type. These include fair, olive, medium fair, or dark. Of course wedding make-up is different for each nationality; Asians, Caucasians, African-American and Latin-Americans all require complementing colors and palettes.

Research on styles- Today there are various make-up styles for every type wedding.
The make-up will depend on the time, place or theme of the wedding. Beach or other destination weddings will require summer palettes. Evening weddings needs make-up that is slightly dramatic but not heavy. Formal weddings entail wedding make-up that looks polished and smooth.
Artist rapport and personality-The wedding make-up artist's rapport and personality is a major consideration when deciding on the make-up. It's important to relate well with the bride. The artist will be working in close proximity to her from the pre-wedding preparations right up to the reception festivities.

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