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Graduation dresses make up tips: how to create that smoky eyes look

Regarding the large eye graduation dresses makeup, it is never advisable to further expand its size, as a matter of proportions in the face. To make up, always try to seek the greatest possible harmony and balance in the face. The how to create that smoky eyes look steps are easier, it can be achieved through the shape, color or texture. On the way, we can alter it to visually balance your face.

Color and more

Regarding graduation dresses color, we can use colors with a heavy or light colors color to highlight, conceal and illuminate different parts of the face. And finally, in terms of texture, brightness can be used to highlight or accents and matte textures to create depth effects. We must not confuse the concept highlight the look with the so-called mistake exaggerate the size of the eyes, especially if they are already huge.

To master how to create that smoky eye look, we opt for dark tones and textures preferably matte contour thereof, may apply points of light in the arch.

What graduation dresses colors are more conducive for big eyes? As mentioned earlier, if we make a great eye makeup should opt for matte textures and tones with medium to high saturation; we will apply the lower eyelid and thus framing the eye. We should not apply dots of light on the tear, as this would create a greater visual effect of eye opening. If the eye is very round, we can "fake" shape extending slightly blur the shadow on the outer corner of it. We should not exaggerate this effect, as it may be too theatrical.

How to create that smoky eye look

Learn more graduation dresses finishes tips! It is also advisable to use a quality max factor pencil on the inside of the eye.

If we want a deeper effect on the look, try to learn how to apply eyeliner because this way we will create the visual effect of a less bulky lid.

If you have bags or dark circles, never mask the lower part of the eye. Deposit the load of color in the eyelid in order to create a focal point in this area and distract the eye of the bags or dark circles. In this case, to give more definition to the eye may also use Kohl pencil inside the eye.

What errors often make the graduation dresses makeup women with big eyes?

When learning how to create that smoky eyes look, some of the most common mistakes are:

- The use of clear or pearly shades to frame the eye.

- The use of pencil eyeliners and light colors, pearlescent or metallic.

Stick to simple Graduation Dresses tips and do not forget the above recommendations. You can achieve a grandiose result.

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Dating Professionals - Dating Mistakes Men Make

Men, it must seem like you need to be one of the dating professionals in this manic dating seeking world in order to keep yourself from making the common mistakes that a lot of men make. However, it is quite possible to behave like one of the dating professionals and learn to bypass those dating mistakes and come out a winner on the other side. So, what are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid in order to become a success?

Don't be indecisive. Women don't like men who cannot make up their mind. If you want to be one of the dating professionals who always seem to have success, then you need to make up your mind before you even get started, that you have a purpose and you are ready to make a difference in your dating seeking life. Women are interested in the men that offer them puppy dog love; they want men that are confident and ready to take charge of the relationship.

Of course, they don't want men that are overly controlling and demanding and those that rule the relationship; you just need to find that balance in order to become one of the dating professionals.

If you want to be one of the dating professionals, then don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Yes, it's true that women are more emotional than men, but women know that most men are not overly expressive of their feelings and if you start sharing your undying love for her on your first date, she will see through that and not accept a second date from you. Your first course of action in regard to becoming like one of the dating professionals is to take a deep breath and relax. You need to be confident in your dating skills and that you are giving a good first impression that she will want to go out on a second date with you and then a third date and so on and so forth.

If you don't wear your heart on your sleeve and do act like one of the dating professionals, you will have plenty more dates with this woman where you can express your feelings and move forward towards true love and romance with her.

Don't make the mistake of mistaking a woman's attraction level to your own. Men are visual creatures and are very attracted to the body. Women on the other hand are more emotional creatures and are attracted to how a man relates to her emotional side. If a man can become like one of the dating professionals and learn to communicate well with a woman, than he is going to go a long way towards success in his dating seeking journey. Women don't feel closer because of physical intimacy like men do. Women feel closer because of emotional intimacy. Learn the differences between you in regard to this issue and you will be one of the dating professionals on the road to success.

Whatever you do, don't be disingenuous; that is a number one mistake. A woman will be able to see through you if that is your angle. Learn to work your dating magic by becoming one of the dating professionals.

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Tips for Choosing Make Up Cases


From hard to soft, to the ones that you can hang on a door, shopping can be confusing and a real pain around for the best for you. Apart from this, as you know, what is reasonable in relation to costs?
If you really want it, one has to fall just as important as your purse. I mean, you would not leave the house without your wallet, and you would not go on vacation without your makeup bag. It is something you see every day!
When it comes to makeup cases, you have two options: suitcase and bag. Hard cases make-up have their own unique advantages. For example, many of them have different layers that come as you open the top cover. This gives you a number of organizational benefits. Lipsticks go in one compartment, while eyeliner to go to another subject. You can choose just the things where you want, so it easily accessible to each other and nothing gets through are. In severe cases, usually with things stay where you leave and do not penetrate into foreign areas. A disadvantage of using hard cases is that they tend to be really bulky. What they in organizational skills they also add in weight, and many will not fit into a suitcase.
Soft make-up cases, however, fit into almost any car. Because their outer shell is soft, you can squeeze them almost everywhere. Throw one in a glove compartment in your purse or in your medicine cabinet. The thing is, if you use a soft case, your make-up are not organized well. To protect even without a hard shell to your makeup, eyeliner pencils or brushes long can easily go broke. All in all, I would make up for a hard suitcase before going to anything else.

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Bridal Make up Tips for Wedding

A wedding day is an auspicious and important day in the life of every bride and it is natural for each one to want to look their fabulous best, yet retain some of their inherent everyday charm. Since there will be photographs and different lighting, bridal makeup needs to be out of the ordinary. A bride should be beautiful and not overdone. It is love that makes her beautiful and not the makeup artist. She's the star and has to look like a dream, her face translucent, soft and glowing.

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Bridal Make up Tips


Use heavy-pigmented cream foundation and layer it with powder foundation to make the skin look smoother.

2. Use powder foundation on neck, ears and chest too so that you don't seem to have a painted face.

3. Use a concealer shade similar to the foundation and blend both well.

4. Learn some camouflage makeup tricks and buy its products to use on your big day.

5. If you have combination skin, use water based foundation and a dry sponge.

6. Hide the under eye circles by applying concealer. Blend it towards the nose and use downward strokes.

7. For a perfect eye shape, use a small brush to blend a medium tone color from just below the brow arch downwards in a semi-circle motion.

8. Use light peach eye shadow as eyelid base.

9. Choose lip liner that blends easily with lipstick for that soft glossy look that looks good in photographs too.

10. Place the focus on the face either on eyes or on lip and underplay the other with neutral pink or brown shades.

11. Thin and small lips look more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips can use deep shades.

On The D-Day

1. It is always advisable to synchronize your makeup with the bridal outfit and jewelry. If they are extremely heavy, then you should prefer to get light makeup done on the D-day.

2. The time of your wedding also has a bearing on the type and amount of makeup. For instance, heavy makeup looks good at night, but will make you seem very odd under the harsh rays of the sun.

3. If your wedding has been scheduled for spring/summer, bright, pastel shades will work the best. For a winter wedding, warmer and deeper shades will be a better option.

4. Though your bridal makeup needs to be heavier and more dramatic than the one you do for usual parties, it should no be so heavy that it makes you look like a made-up doll.

5. Since it is your wedding, you will be photographed a lot. Remember, foundations will yellow tones work best with flash photography. While, the ones with pink tones will make you look too pale.

6. Always go for a lip-liner that is the same shade as your lipstick. Otherwise, you might end up with a lip-line that is too noticeable. At the same time, always stick to long-lasting lipsticks, for your wedding.

7. Remember, you have to balance the eye makeup with lip makeup. In case you want to go for dramatic eyes, go for a light-color lip shade. If you are using a dark lipstick, it is better to have natural, light eyes.

8. Never ever forget to apply the foundation on your neck, back, ears and other exposed areas of the body as well. Otherwise, your face will look painted on and your beauty - artificial.

9. It is advisable to go for a light dusting of translucent powder, so that your face does not end up shining too much. You can also apply bronzing powder to warm your skin tone and get a natural glow.

10. Ask your sister, friend or some other female relative to carry a powder compact, tissues and lipstick for you. This will help you do the touch ups, especially if your wedding is going to be a long affair.

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