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How To Be The Most Beautiful Bride in Arizona: Hair and Make-up Tips

Your wedding day is all about you and how beautiful you are. The cameras will be flashing all day and you want to make certain your hair and make-up are up to the task of keeping you looking stunning all day. This is especially true for Arizona brides when the wedding is under the hot Arizona sun.


Wedding Hair Styles

If you're planning to try out a new hairstyle or color don't do it any closer than six months before the wedding. You don't want to look back and your wedding photos in years to come and not even recognize yourself because you opted for a brand new style. Once you've chosen a hairstyle that matches your dress make an appointment with your favorite stylist and discuss the hairstyle you've chosen.

Book your wedding day hair appointment for the day of the wedding several hours in advance of the wedding so you have time to enjoy the process without having to rush through the rest of your wedding preparations.


Wedding Makeup Tips

Whether you do your own makeup the day of your wedding or if you have a professional, you want to make certain you look natural.  


A great way to find out if you're using the "correct" makeup for your skin and complexion is to grab your bridal party and head to the local makeup counter for a beauty makeup session a few weeks before the wedding. The beauty specialists can work with you on makeup colors and application tips to make your skin glowing and beautiful for your Arizona wedding day.

Make certain your makeup professional knows whether your will be in air conditioned comfort for your wedding day or if you are planning an outdoor wedding and reception. The type of foundation and blush you use will be based on the climate – you certainly don't want your makeup to run!


If you're having a daytime wedding your makeup palette will be lighter and more natural while a nighttime wedding can lend itself to a more dramatic makeup look.


Regardless of the makeup style you choose, nothing is a better canvas for your makeup than skin that is clean and clear. It's important, even with the rush of wedding planning, that you sleep and eat well and take care of your skin. If you've been skimping on sleep it will show in bags under your eyes.


Wedding Manicure and/or Pedicure

One thing you won't want to skimp on is a perfect manicure. Opt for an understated, yet elegant French manicure or tips or a muted color nail polish. Remember, your fingers and hands will be the center of attention too when you spend the day showing off your wedding rings. You don't want ripped or ragged cuticles to draw attention away from your ring!


When it comes to your toes, if you are wearing a sandal you'll definitely want to make an investment in a pampering pedicure complete with a toenail polish to match your fingers.


Bottom Line Beauty

Your wedding hair and makeup style should enhance your natural style, not cover it up. You need to choose the style that makes you happy and one with which you will be thrilled to be seeing for years to come in your bridal album.

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The Mineral Make Up Revolution

Mineral make up has hit the market with a healthy start, using infomercials for education and bringing bargain deals to the consumer. There are plenty of expert companies that have perfected all natural products, and all eager to earn your business. Finding the right mineral make up company for you may be determined by price, convenience or color choices. Natural cosmetics products include pure, earth based, skin matching foundations for a perfect complexion; mineral blushers for a hint of color; mineral bronzer for an all over, even glow; and every shade of eyeshadow you can imagine. Mineral cosmetics for the eyes come in an array of fashion colors from deep toned, matte finishes, to lighter glamor shades with sparkles and iridescent highlights.

Once you have purchased your mineral make up, it's well advised that you invest in quality cosmetic brushes, using a separate brush for each type of mineral cosmetics.

Over sized brushes work the best for blending mineral powder makeup, as you'll sweep the powder onto your skin with large, light strokes to achieve your desired color tone. The amount of product you use, combined with the colors you select, will give you a custom finish - just like if you had visited a professional makeup artist.

For women with sensitive skin, mineral make up will deliver you a top quality product, free of chemicals and preservatives that are found in traditional cosmetics. The basic ingredients include zinc oxide, serecite mica and titanium dioxide, making these natural cosmetics safe for most people who may have suffered allergic reactions to preservatives. The market has flooded with exciting natural make up products to try, and shopping for cosmetics has never been so much fun.

For women just getting started in the all natural and organic makeup craze, you may have to shop around until you find your perfect color.

Try starting with mineral make up foundation, and slowly build up your cosmetics collection from there. If you choose to buy everything at once, there are many good starter kits and options that will save you time and money. Shopping for mineral make up, like anything else, takes some research and wise planning, but that's part of the fun!

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