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What Makes a Professional, Professional?

I was talking to a psychologist the other day who said she couldn't do a proper job of helping people if she thought she had to accept every case that came her way.

We talked about "professionalism" at some length, and we agreed a part of it is retaining one's objectivity, one's independence.

The moment you believe you are beholden to clients, utterly at their beck and call, dependent on their revenue, you distort your processes simply in the interest of keeping the relationship going.

True professionals seek independence for themselves and for their clients. Dentists, for instance, embraced the introduction of cavity fighting fluoride, which of course, reduced tooth decay and dentists' incomes from repairing its ravages.

A right-thinking defense attorney doesn't want the accused that he just helped to avoid incarceration to commit another crime, simply for the income that recidivism will bring to him.

Professionals trust by making clients as independent and self-sufficient as possible they'll increase overall satisfaction, generate referrals, and ultimately produce more than enough to support themselves and their practices.

Professionals are also alert to when they should decline an offer of work, if it falls so far outside of our area of comfort or expertise as to make our successful involvement a question mark.

Of course, some of this philosophy seems alien to a person who sees things only from a strict "business" perspective.

The business person's favorite model is dependency based, whether it is hooking people on cigarettes, on the best-tasting chocolate brownies in town, or on a subscription to a magazine or a set number of movies-by-mail.

Surprisingly, it was Karl Marx, famous socialist philosopher, who reportedly observed: If you offer a man a fish you have made a sale.

If you teach a man to fish you have ruined a fine business opportunity.

So, professionals are not really business people, in the strictest sense.

Above profit, they place different values, and sometimes, being a pro means turning away a sure moneymaker for an ideal that is much less tangible.

Professionals permit themselves to accept more losses, deliberately pursuing what we might term a Lose-Win model, where their loss is the client's, and society's gain.

But part of being a professional is having the faith that the equities will even out and the books will balance in the long run, if they approach their practices with the proper outlook.

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is the best-selling author of 12 books and more than a thousand articles. A frequent expert commentator on radio and TV, he is quoted often in prominent publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. His seminars and training programs are sponsored internationally and he is a top-rated faculty member at more than 40 universities. Dynamic, experienced, and lots of fun, Gary brings more than two decades of solid management and consulting experience to the table, along with the best academic preparation and credentials in the sp


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Small Tips About Quick Make Up For Christmas Day

The Christmas vacation is the most important prosperous time to dress up you. 2010 Christmas is coming, it is the time for you to consider the shopping list of Christmas party, including leather bag, shiny liquid eye-liner and so on.
Roger Vivier evening leather bag which is filled with luxuriance and fashion, with Party shining flavour brings atmosphere of great joy. French romantic pink De Luxe Frilly bags for dinner, use satin and silk as bag material, match with classic Roger Vivier (buckle) water diamond inlay buckle, elegant and touching gloss is luxurious and attractive, Diligence Splash evening leather bag, the main material is raw python skin, decorated with metal beads, a feeling as its name like a smoke light appears on the leather bag, the design of the bag shape is also full of spiffy sumptuous feeling. And classic PRISME leather bag is also made from raw python skin, match with satin and japanned leather material, a simple and modern design, absolutely the best representatives of the party.
Shining liquid eye-liner is different from general black or pure liquid eye-liner, shining powder not only makes eyes own bright fascinating liner effect, but also let girls become electric eyes beauties. Shining liquid eye-liner is always one of the requisite star color cosmetic for most girls, super gloss and beauty make you become a focus of the Christmas Party.
And how to use shining liquid eye-liner to create satisfied Christmas Party eyeliner makeup
First, effect of eyes bedimmed with tears: Draw shining liquid eye-liner at the down eyeliner, remember to smear down eyelash, seems like shining tears, boys cannot help generate tenderly love.
Second, effect of mysterious lingering charm: Only smear at double eyelid folds, appropriate amount shows super taste.
Third, shining Party effect: Smear large parts overstep eyelid folds, use some on eyelash, you will become the focal point of the Christmas Party.
Fourth, dream big eyes effect: Only draw at the first part of the eyes, which has the effect of enlarging eyes. 
Fifth, effect of peach eye charm: Only smear at the end position of eyes, along the lower end of eyes draw slightly up, beyond the end of the eyes, then attractive eyes are born.
Shining liquid eye-liner also can be used as lip contour pencil, smear a little at lips can catch people's eyes immediately; the beauty can shock the whole audience.
Therefore, in your Christmas shopping list, leather bag and shiny liquid eye-liner are essential.

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What Is Airbrush Make Up?

The airbrush technique is done by using compressed air, which will break down concentrated colors of makeup, like blush or foundation, turning it into a very fine and very light mist. The mist, in turn, is sprayed ever so lightly onto the face and in careful layers, which gives a look that's both natural and flawless.

While the fine, concentrated mist can provide great coverage on its own, it also can be done evenly with some practice. Airbrushing is also great for hiding those everyday imperfections, like blemishes or moles, as well as being able to provide a way to enhance or lessen certain features of the face.

Traditional ways for applying makeup such as with brushes or even fingertips can cause damage to the skin, often resulting in tugging, pulling or scratching the skin's surface. The only thing that touches your face with airbrushing is the makeup itself, ensuring that your skin isn't damaged in the process.

It's also a wonderful way to ensure that any makeup application isn't put on too heavily when the layering techniques are done correctly.

Although people often think that using this technique means having to deal with the feeling of stuff getting blown into their face, many users find that it's actually a soothing process. They also commonly mention how it doesn't feel like they're wearing makeup, since the coverage and application of it is so lightweight.

Airbrushing is great not just for hiding everyday imperfections, like blemishes, but it's also good for more severe ones that most makeup methods struggle with or can't hide whatsoever. Things such as scarring, tattoos, birthmarks, bruising and many other problematic issues can easily be hidden effectively with the airbrush application.

Airbrush make up is a wonderful way to get the perfect coverage that many are looking for, all while being able to customize the look and color of your makeup to your suit your needs.

What's more, is the fact that it's also waterproof, eliminating the need to reapply things as often as you would have to with standard types of makeup.

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Make-up Removal Laid Bare

It's the end of a long, long day and all she wants to do is fall into bed…

Removing make-up is never as fun as putting it on, but neither is removing the duvet, and that's still something that just has to be done! Efficient make-up removal habits are beneficial in terms of maintaining healthy, blemish-free, radiant skin.

Most facial skin woes stems from those little problem areas – the pores. Blocked pores encourage spots and blackheads to develop, creating a blemished, uneven skin tone. Even natural beauty products leave their mark by clogging pores and increasing the risk of spots and blackheads developing. Mineral-based make-up is fantastic in terms of natural beauty skin care, however no make-up is formulated to be worn twenty-four hours a day.

Make-up should be removed using a cotton ball and specified make-up remover.

Make-up removers are easily available to suit any combination of skin - oil-free make-up remover, cream-based or even an astringent like witch hazel are all tailored to fit effectively into particular beauty skin care routines, areas of the face or skin types.

Professional make-up artists implore the GENTLE removal of make-up, avoiding any unnecessary stretching, scrubbing or pulling of the skin. Finding the most pertinent make-up remover that aids in soothing removal of the day's make-up encourages calm, blemish-free skin.

Natural beauty products are hailed as being kinder to the skin, but perhaps the kindest action is to carefully (and gently!) remove all traces of make-up in preparation for a thorough facial cleanse before a restful night's sleep.

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