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Pick Up Artist Tips - Making the First Move

If you want to be an effective pick up artist, you have to pluck up the courage to make the first move to get you on your way to getting her number right?

Most guys never meet hot girls because they just cannot gather enough courage up to go and speak to them. So here is a simple trick that most decent pick up artists use; kamikaze!

The thing is this; if you are going to have a chance of getting laid, you are going to have to spend some time with the girl. If you are going to spend some time with the girl, you probably need to get on a date with her (because real life isn't like the porn movies you have seen!). If you are going to go on a date with her, you are going to have to speak to her so stop hanging around and just get on with it!

The kamikaze method relies on a few basic concepts, not least the one I have indicated above that if you want to get to somewhere with the chick, you're going to have to speak to her! Any pick up artist worth his salt realises that if your approach doesn't work, your pride might be injured but it is unimportant - you have to develop a thick skin to be a player in this game.

Anyway, hot girls get hit on by strangers all the time so they are used to it. It's not like they are going to hold it against you - after all, they will probably just forget a bad approach as quickly as you made it.

So put your personal nerves and anxieties to one side and just go and talk to her. If you really can't think of anything to say, just give her a compliment (without being cheesy or lewd) and then walk away. She'll be intrigued and if you play it cool, she will start playing for you rather than you trying to chase her. Remember, the best way to pull any girl is to get her to pull you!

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Making a career in make-up

If you have a penchant for make-up shopping, and get a kick out of picking that perfect eye shadow or lipstick colour, then perhaps you have an exciting career in make-up artistry ahead of you. For some women, the process of putting on make-up – or even the feel of it on their skin – is uncomfortable. For others, applying make-up is an enjoyable experience and a skill to be constantly improved and perfected. If you fit into the latter category, and have a love and appreciation for cosmetics, then working in the make-up field professionally can be an exciting, rewarding and creative experience.

The beauty sector has many different roles for those with an appreciation of make-up. For those with an interest in a career in make-up artistry, there are a number of different markets that frequently call on the skills of make-up artists.

Who employs make-up artists?

- Film, television and theatre industries. The harsh and unnatural lighting used by the movie and television industry makes make-up a necessity during the filming process.

The crucial role make-up artists play in this industry, therefore, results in a number of on-set make-up artistry roles. If you like to get creative with your make-up, consider specialising in special effects make-up for major blockbusters.

- Fashion designers and photographers. When breathtaking models walk down the runway with striking make-up, they haven't done it themselves. It's the work of a creative and skilled make-up artist working behind the scenes! Make-up artists are an essential element of the fashion industry – on the runway and in fashion photography. Fashion make-up artistry is also another cosmetic role that can call on artists to get a little creative.

- Department stores and make-up brands. Most department stores and make-up brands offer customers the option of getting their make-up professionally applied by their staff. Retail make-up artists will be required to have a good knowledge of their products, and be able to recommend day to day make-up that is appropriate and suited to a variety of different customer skin types and tones. Store make-up artistry allows you access to a wide range of products, and a diverse customer base.

- Bridal parties and other special occasions. When it comes to weddings and other formal occasions, many women elect to get their make-up applied for them professionally. Bridal make-up artistry can be a way for those with another career who have an interest in cosmetics to work in the industry. Because weddings and other special occasions usually fall on the weekend, it is a perfect part-time or freelance job.

If you'd like to work in the exciting field of make-up artistry, then there are a number of make-up courses available to teach you the necessarily skills and industry know-how to create a successful career in this industry. If you're worried about the time it will take to learn a new skill, make-up courses can be taken via distance education, and will draw on the skills you've already perfected through your day to day make-up use.

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Dial up Service ?Sophisticated & Safe Internet for A Professional World

The importance of Internet in the modern world is well understood from a kid to a senior person. The domestic needs, official perquisites, commerce, medical enquiries, etc. all is processes by Internet. This is our lifeline and the world cannot function if it is interrupted for some time. There are many technologies that are constantly trying to make the use if Internet easier and effective. The use of cable is no more a preferred option, but still people are using it because there are not many options in hand.

Speed is one of the conditions that restrict the users to make a choice. If the speed is good people won’t mind to pay a little extra. USA is a place where Internet speed fetches money. Dial up Internet in USA is getting too popular and working as a great resource to do multiple tasking at a single plan. As it is a hassle-free service to many of us, the demand for this is exceeding the supply and people are more open to welcome the dial up Internet service without giving any second thought.

The feasibility to the Dial up Service Providers has become a priority these days.

Now, with the introduction of a Secure Dial up Services, you can connect your device to any laptop or desktop and start discussing your matters within a short time. Downloading is getting easier with a single line without any interruption. A dial-up command is required to start the connection and a modem is a vital equipment to enable the connection live. This device is answerable for the transformation of bits and bytes into electromagnetic waves that are then transferred through the telephone lines. As soon as the data grasps the endpoint, it is re-converted into bits and bytes before being displayed on the computer screen.

The Dial up Internet Access is on an extraordinary demand. It is a low cost method through which an individual can access to a secure dial up service only at a nominal charge. The telephone tariff is the same source to have the access and hardly extra cost is included for data transfer. But there may be conditions in billing if some extra services are added from the user’s end.

If you are tied up with a Dial up Service Provider, the process gets safer as because of the rotation of the IP addresses, allotted to a user. The chance of hacking is invisible and the user can surf the net without any annoyance. The best of all is the feature related to availability. You can log in to your account and access the internet anywhere you travel without any interference of the speed and performance. These are some of the reasons why Dial up Internet in USA is truly acceptable at any cost.

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