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Swishing gowns and make-up tips for your special day

Wedding day is special in every woman's life. A wedding day reminds you of wedding bells, white wedding dress swishing from side to side. First select your wedding dress; you can get it stitched or tailored. If you are buying it, do not leave it for the last moment, but order it giving the details of design to your tailor, so that you have time for trial and do the required altering. Choose your make up accordingly. Generally, wedding gowns are traditionally white in color but it can also be pink, peach or of any pastel shade or you can follow fashion blog to get ideas for the design.


Your makeup must reflect a happy glowing look. Buy foundation, compact, body shimmer, blush on, lipstick, lip-gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara.

First clean you face with a cleanser suiting your skin type. Wipe off with wet cotton or wet wipes, apply toner followed by moisturizer. You're ready to put on foundation. It is advisable; you do the same for exposed part of your body. Apply foundation with an applicator sponge for an even look. Then apply compact. Watch out for latest fashion updates, on wedding grooming if do not want to miss new tips on fashion.

Apply eye shadow and transparent mascara to define your lashes without looking bold, line your eyes with a shade darker than your eye shadow. Apply blush on your cheeks, peach or pink is the ideal color. Outline your lips with lip liner. Apply lipstick finish your lip makeup with a dash of gloss.

Buy your fashion resources intelligently, make-ups that you will continue using without trashing them later. Finish off your overall bridal makeup with a hint of body shimmer. Do not forget to do manicure, pedicure, facial at least once, a week before your wedding. Paint your nails. Brush your hair and set it with moose, your veil will cover up the rest. Now you are ready, just slip in your grand dress.


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Chiropractor professional


It is not a satisfying experience to have muscle cramping that hassle you day and night. For those who cannot stand the continuous back pain, touch sensors, complications, and throat discomfort their only destination is going to a chiropractor professional. A individual doing this kind of perform helps individuals who have issues with their soft tissue program. Moreover, they help these individuals go through discomfort control to somehow relieve their struggling. A chiropractor professional will deal with individuals by adjusting their spines and appropriate some misalignments that may impact their nerve program.

A individual's overall health is not the same if he or she is being affected by hurtful backaches and throat discomfort.  Furthermore, he or she needs the help of a chiropractor physician who would be able to recommend treatments that are natural and does not need surgery to appropriate the faulty alignments in the muscoskeletal program.

Instead, as part of a sufferer’s discomfort control the physician will also recommend that one must change his or her way of life or seek advice from with other health professionals who are acquainted in interacting with discomfort.  Furthermore, complications and a touch sensors are among the more serious conditions that can make a individual's life very depressed. It is up to the physician to check the individual and perform memory foam exams or nerve research, so he can do the necessary improvements and remove these conditions.

Another factor that causes discomfort to a individual's bone and muscles is problems with his or her back, so it is the job of the professional to modify personally the back. Additionally, not content with the regular process a professional use other solutions like rub, water, ultrasound examination, traditional chinese medicine to name a few to be able to provide comfort to anyone being affected by throat discomfort, touch sensors and complications. Included as well to battle backaches and throat discomfort is an variety of helps, bands, footage and positions. To further boost a individual's well-being, a chiropractor professional will notify his or her people about healthy principles that will most likely be about training, changing that individual's way of life, and discomfort control.

People will heave a sigh of comfort because this professional will also are dedicated to workplace injuires, diet, neurology, pediatric medicine, and research image. These will decrease considerably any cases of discomfort in a individual. Pain control is the key and people should pay attention to this professional. On another front, individuals who concentrate with this job must create client-base workers and keep information. In respect to the workplace, chiropractor specialists want their workplaces to be clean and comfortable. They are also very cautious in managing x-rays because they know that there is always the opportunity of being revealed to light.

Be as it may, chiropractor specialists have to perform for 40 hours a week and have to captivate customers during the evening, Saturdays, or Sundays. To be able to become maple grove chiropractor> specialists, individuals have to go through two to four decades of undergrad education and should complete four decades of college aside from moving state and nationwide exams.

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Relationships - Break Up or Make Up

There are numerous reasons that relationships break up. Some of them are even good reasons. For instance, if you are just leading your partner on, it is right to cut him or her loose. If he or she isn't trustworthy, that is a good reason for a break up. Of course, sometimes peopleís lives change and the partner no longer fits into the total picture, in which case, it is good to end the relationship.

So, when do you make up?  

There are two components to saving a relationship. First of all, you have to both love each other. But that alone is not enough to save relationships from breaking up. For instance, partners of different religious faiths may love each other but find that love alone can't bridge the difference in their outlook for the future.

You also have to be able to see a future together. If you can't see the person in your life in six months, you might as well separate now, even if you have a real bond of affection.

And, if this is a serious relationship and you can't see yourself marrying your partner, you will be doing both of you a favor by calling it quits.

If you are going to make up, you need to reflect on the relationshipís break up. Why did things go sour? When you have identified the root causes of the split, you can begin to fix things.

It may take time to fix things. While your ex may not be willing to jump back into bed with you, they might be willing to be friends and to work on the relationship. In fact, after a relationship's break up, you may not want to start right back where you left off. Instead, take some time to rebuild the romance in your lives.

Here is some advice for people who are wondering whether to break up or make up.

First of all, listen more than you talk. Don't always try to explain your position. Try to understand your ex's. Also, listen without planning a rebuttal.

Next, remember to do the things your ex likes. If she likes it when you buy her flowers, get a dozen roses. If he likes it when you go to his football scrimmages, go. This shows that you pay attention to their wants and needs.

Show your ex that they are on your mind even when you are not around. You can do this by calling or texting them.

Call each other by loving or pet names. This brings exclusiveness to the relationship.

Try to have fun again. Too many times, relationships become too serious. Communication becomes paramount. But, dating is supposed to be fun. Try putting the serious issues aside from time to time and focus on enjoying each otherís company.

When it comes to relationships, break up is hard because you have invested so much in the other person. Because of this, making up is sometimes the better answer.

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Make Up Tips to Slim Your Face

Playing Up Your Eyes

Eyes are the key to a slimmer face. The bigger the eyes the smaller the face will appear as a whole. Play up the eyes by putting extra mascara on the top lashes. Avoid mascara on the bottom lash, this will encase the eyes and make them appear smaller.

Use the shadow in the crease of the eyes. Then to highlight the eyes use a light iridescent powder just under your brow to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Smooth it all together with a clean finger for a polished look.

The biggest mistake most women make with their eye color is choosing shadows that match their natural eye color. Here are a couple of suggestions when it comes to eye shadows.

Brown - Pretty versatile, browns can go with just about anything. Depending on how dark brown your eyes are go for a much lighter brown and offset with a cool violet or lavender.
Blue - Deep browns, warm earthy reds like a copper or rust.
Green or Hazel - Stick with golden earthy tones, deep violets, or soft neutrals.
Grey - Cool icy colors, purples, or dusty charcoal.

Luscious Lips

Big full lips can also offset the roundness of your face to make it appear slimmer in contrast.

To keep lips full trace the outside of your lips with a nude (flesh tone) pencil and smooth with your finger to create the illusion of depth.

If you still want to use lip liner, do it on the inside of this nude line. Avoid tracing the entire lip with liner. This will make your lips appear thinner. Instead use the lip liner modestly to enhance the widest parts of the lip.

Avoid glossy lipstick. Instead go for a muted lip stain and apply your gloss separately. Apply a dab of gloss at the widest part of your lips only. This will create the illusion of depth and fullness. Top off this look with a tiny dab of shimmer right under you nose and above the arch of the lip and blend for sexy pouty lips.

Stay away from dramatic and bright colors. Remember, you want to choose a lipstick that makes you look like you're not wearing lipstick at all, and that you just have fabulous, naturally full, lips.

Cheeks From Flushed to Blushed

While your eyes are the focal point of your face, your cheeks dominate in the space category. This is usually where the best make up intentions fail.

Just like you did with your eyes, you are going to shadow the recessed parts of the cheek and enhanced the highest part of the cheekbone. To do this, suck your cheeks in and make the fish face.

Use a bronzer that works well with your skin tone and apply to the "sucked in" part of you cheek when you're making the fish face. Then apply a light iridescent blush to highlight the highest part of the cheekbone and fade toward your temples. Smooth together with your finger.

Complete the look by dabbing just a touch of bronzer to your forehead, nose and chin for a natural look.

Laying a good foundation for your foundation

Regardless what kind of foundation you use; good skin care can shine through any make up. To make your make up last all day, be sure you are applying your foundation on a relatively oil free surface. Make sure your face is clean and wipe it down with astringent before beginning your makeup routine. Astringent not only takes care of the surface oil, but it also dissolves oil in the pores, making them appear smaller. Also it helps the foundation adhere better to your skin so that it's not melting off your face halfway through your day.

Never, never sleep in your make up. Sleeping in your make up can clog up your pores, making them larger. At the end of the day wash your face thoroughly with an exfoliating scrub. If you do not regularly exfoliate your face dead skins cells can pile up on the surface of your skin, making it appear ashen and making you look older.


We've all gotten them at some point. That dreaded zit or that horrible cold sore. Use make up as a tool to misdirect the eye where you want it to go. For example if you have got a monster zit on your forehead, go ahead and cover it up with some concealer but then go for a bolder lip color or some sparkly lip gloss (I know I just told you to keep you lipstick natural but when a zit is involved I can make an exception).

Or if you're sporting a cold sore do not try to cover it up with lipstick, you will only draw more attention to it. Instead go with a muted lip color and go a little more dramatic on your eyes, or even throw on some dazzling earrings.

When faced with a blemish or flaw of any kind, deal with it the diva way. Decide where you want people to look and play that up instead.

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Unpredictability of business set ups opt for Professional indemnity insurance

As the world economics are constantly changing and are affecting various business setups which include multinational companies too, it is becoming highly unstable to survive for smaller business and ensure their profit margin. The recent recession in the world economy was a prominent example which cannot be ignored for its monstrous consequences and loss to major leading companies of the world. The bigger and multinational companies were still equipped to fight this financial situation but the smaller and unprepared ones were brought to the verge of cutting down their labor force and other expenses and some others who became bankrupt in this situation.

It's not just the business and corporate world which comes with high risk and instability but human life itself is highly unstable. You can never be sure of what will happen to you or your family members the very next second.

The point is not to crib about the situation but find a solution to it to ensure your safety in adverse times. The same condition applies to any flourishing business also, wherein a successful and competent businessman should be prepared for any situation. This can be achieved by opting for Professional indemnity insurance which ensures that in adverse circumstances you don't have to depend on someone else to make sure your business survives. The insurance money covers all your loss and makes sure that you can begin a fresh start with a new and confident spirit to fight all the odds and emerge victorious. Besides this you can also opt for a Commercial property insurance to make sure that your property is not at stake and you can continue your business on that property without any looming tension or anxiety. Even if you own a fleet of 10 cars you should get them insured and make sure that the money invested in these cars is always secure in the form of a good insurance. The unpredictability of life and business world should be never gambled with.

With the introduction of business and commercial insurance there are many insurance companies which offer various comprehensive packages which can cater to all the insurance needs of your business and commercial property and make sure that you have sleepless nights once you are insured. The money invested in these insurances companies may look a very big burden to you but it's better to self help yourself and be prepared for any challenge than danger to come knocking at your door. As there are many packages offered by different companies in the market therefore you need to look up and judge and collate which one is best suited for your needs.

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Make-up Tips! How Long Should You Wait To Apply Make-up After Facial Moisturizer

Skin care is prominent in the beauty world. Healthy skin is most wanted, because we all want to look our best for as long as possible. In order to have good skin you must follow certain skin care regimens. Make-up compliments your image in a fresh and beautiful way if applied tastefully, but you have to be cautious.

One of my skin care steps that I’m always consistent with is moisturizing. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important. Dry skin flakes and ages prematurely and you don’t want that. When you moisturize your skin, you help it out by holding on to your skin’s collagen.

Checkout: Serious Skin Care Kollagen Intensive Anti-aging and Collagen Cream

Collagen is what your skin produces in order to keep it firm and tight.

As you get older, you lose some of that collagen which will eventually give you loose, wrinkled and sagging skin. If you want to boost your collagen, some might go for the expensive collagen injections which can cost about 0-,000 a year. You can be wise, save money and choose a different alternative. Buy an effective anti-aging cream that will do exactly what the injections will do.

So, anyways I love to moisturize my skin and love wearing make-up. What I didn’t know was that there’s a certain time limit when applying your moisturizer and make-up. The TV Show “The Doctors suggest that you wait at least 15 minutes after moisturizing your face before putting on your make up foundation.

This will give your facial cream more time to settle into your skin.

How long should you wear your make-up?

The average time to wear your cosmetics is 12 hours. If you keep it on longer than that it can clog pores and then there’s goes the ugly acne bumps! Very important, use a deep cleanser to remove all traces of it. A deep facial cleanser will open up your pores and allow them to breathe. Afterwards wipe your skin off with a astringent or facial toner. Don’t forget to moisturize to maintain beautiful and younger skin.


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Speed Up Computer Tips

Surfing the internet is fun and their is so much knowledge out there. Their comes a time when surfing is not fun at all because your computer gets slow. A slow computer is not only an inconvenience but it is also frustrating. Here are some good speed up computer tips.

Their are things that you can do to make sure your computer is running fast. A slow computer is cluttered with files and junk. It gets slowed down because it is to much stuff for the computer to handle. Most of the junk is spyware. Spyware is gained as you surf the internet if you don't have any protection.

You need a good spyware remover program to get rid of the spyware. A good one will update databases regularly. Spyware is like viruses which come out with new ones everyday. It is important that you remove spyware at least once a week to have your computer running at the fastest speed.

It is an excellent idea to have a spyware program that is active and scans everything that you run into while surfing the internet.

Another thing you want to do is to keep your computer clean. By this I mean cleaning the registry regularly with a registry cleaner. This will clean up things that you don't use that are just taking up memory. You don't need to be a computer expert to do this either. Registry cleaner programs make it simple and easy.

Disk defragment is an important tool that comes with windows computers. It is located in accessories. What this does is it moves files closer together so your free space is in one group and your files are in another. This speeds up your computer because it takes less time to find the files if they are all in one group.

By doing simple computer maintenance like these speed up computer tips will keep your computer running smooth.

You will be able to surf the internet or whatever your doing without being stressed out.

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Top Cosmetic Products From Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is one of the oldest skincare and cosmetics products manufacturers operating today. Among the most respected brands today, Elizabeth Arden is also popular for its perfumes and celebrity fragrances of popular stars such as Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey and Usher.
Elizabeth Arden make up includes a complete range of products for your face, lips and eyes. This includes foundations, primers, concealers, bronzer, blush and color palettes for your face. Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and brow shapers for your eyes and lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liners are available for your lips.

These Elizabeth Arden cosmetic products are available in the Flawless Finish, Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF20, Ceramide, Intervene, Color Intrigue and Exceptional collections.

With over a century of experience in the market, Elizabeth Arden cosmetics are frequently among the most effective and most popular products as chosen by users and reviewers. Among the top rated Elizabeth Arden products are Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick, Color Intrigue Eyeshadow, Sun Goddess Bronzing Powder and Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara.

The Elizabeth Arden Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara is among the best mascaras available today. In addition to giving volume, it also lengthens your eyelashes and, perhaps most importantly, does not clump them together.
As it is not a scented product and is easy to take off, the Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara is a firm favorite and considered the best Elizabeth Arden product by many.

The Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Quad is another popular Elizabeth Arden cosmetics product. Available in the color ranges of Sueded Brown, Velvet Plumtones and Neutral Cashmere, these eyeshadows are in soft subtle shades excellent for the professional environment.

The eyeshadow lasts throughout the day and does not require touchups, it is not scented and has very little shimmer.

Another highly rated Elizabeth Arden makeup product is the Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick. It applies smoothly on to your lips and hydrates them but it is not thick or sticky and leaves your lips feeling silky smooth with the even coverage they provide.

Overall, the Elizabeth Arden makeup line falls somewhere between the prestige brands and the drugstore brands. In this way it appeals to everyone, even celebrities as Elizabeth Arden cosmetic products are affordable and also effective.

You can find a complete range of Elizabeth Arden cosmetic products at Dress4Less and get savings with up to 55% discount as well as free shipping with our various special offers.

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Make up artist career

About Make up artist career

The life of a makeup fashion artist is varied and exciting – and challenging at times!  If you work in television or fashion, you might have a 3 AM call one day to get models ready for a photo shoot, followed by 10-12 hours of work that same day.  Or sometimes it's an easy 10AM call, shoot for a few hours and then you are done.  If you are making up a celebrity for a TV show or movie premiere, you will go to their homes to make them up.  You might also meet with fashion designers to design a makeup look that coordinates with their latest collection for a runway show.  One thing you can be sure of: it's never a boring job!

One of the best (and sometimes worst) parts of the job is getting to work with people all day.  You will make friends and professional connections constantly due to the nature of the job.  Sometimes, of course, the people you work with will be difficult or rude.  Sometimes you yourself are tired from a very long shoot and have to remember to be positive and help keep everyone's spirits up and working well.

You will be working with teams most of the time.  For example, on a television show, there will probably be a makeup supervisor, other makeup fashion artists, hairstylists, costume designers, and the director, all of whom you will need to work with as part of your job.  There may also be daily workers who come in occasionally to help where extra staff are needed.

Once you've applied the makeup for a shoot, show, or movie, your day isn't over.  You will have to maintain the makeup and prepare the next group of people for the next scene or event, and clean up those who have finished for the day.  You will also need to plan for the next day's events and prepare whatever materials will be needed.

If you have your own makeup fashion business, working on clients in your own neighborhood, you will have more control over where and when you work.  However, whenever you are not working, you'll be marketing your business, so you can still expect to be busy!

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Looking for discount cosmetic products

Nowadays it is easy to find discounted cosmetics online. On a daily basis more and more cosmetic businesses are going live on the internet which has resulted in competitive pricing. Due to people living busy lifestyles, they tend to do most of their shopping online. Shopping online is convenient, saves time and you have the option of searching for the best prices from the comfort of your home. Everything you need is at your fingertips, from cosmetic to furnishings to groceries. By shopping online you avoid congested shopping centers, and you have a much wider choice of products, as virtually all well known cosmetic companies have an online business.

Most large cosmetic retails outlets don’t always offer the best pricing, in spite of them having the means to purchase large quantities of cosmetics at a time, as it is all about profit, and discount cosmetics products are usually only available when new stock arrive, or when products are not popular.

However, smaller cosmetic companies offer far more competitive pricing in comparison. This is particularly true, especially for niche markets, such as organic cosmetics, as these companies are able to offer cosmetics direct from the supplier, which means there is no middleman. Perfumes, body treatments, hair and skin care, bath and anti ageing products are all available online and can easily located by simply spending time browsing the web. Once you have located the products you want, you can order and pay online and the products will be delivered to your doorstep. However, when you are browsing to see what cosmetics are on offer, you may want to take a look at the organic cosmetic range, which is a far healthier option for you skin. Organic cosmetics are not tested on animals and contain no harsh chemicals and not animal products are used. Due to the natural ingredients in organic cosmetics, they may not last as long as opposed to their counterparts, and in order to make them last longer, preservatives may be included in the ingredients.

Organic cosmetics that are packet in tubes tend to last much longer and are preservative free. Before buying organic cosmetics, make sure the product contains 100% organic ingredients and also see if the products come with a money back guarantee. Make sure the product is authentic and that the website offers secure payment. If you are looking to save money on cosmetics, you are bound to find excellent deals over the internet. Great discount deals are also offered on various other well know cosmetic brands such as Max Factor, Revlon, and others.

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Dolled Up Make-Up Studio Creates Beautiful Blushing Brides

Brighton resident Marina Greenlee's love of art landed her a job applying makeup in a local salon when she was 18-years-old.Greenlee left a job with MAC Cosmetics about five years ago to start her own makeup studio. Now, at 32-years-old, she provides a variety of services, including bridal makeup.

"While I was with MAC, so many girls would wander in asking if we did brides and wedding makeup," Greenlee said. "There were only five of us at the counter and nobody really liked to do brides because it was hectic on the day of the wedding - it was intimidating. I liked the challenge, so I always said I would do it."After a while, Greenlee began getting referrals for bridal makeup and the hours started to conflict with working retail for the cosmetics company.

"It was a really hard decision to make," Greenlee said about leaving MAC Cosmetics.

"I started just doing one or two weddings a week. That's what I love to do - it's a big party, it's always on location and it's just a really cool experience to be a part of. To do a bride's makeup and have her walk down the aisle then see the pictures later, they (the brides) look so happy and it's a really good feeling. It's wonderful to be a part of such a special moment."Greenlee recently leased space in downtown Brighton to provide a professional atmosphere where clients can come for test runs before the big day. Dolled Up Make-Up Studio and Lash Bar is located at 213 W. Main Street, coincidentally located next door to The White Dress bridal store that just opened last month.

"I was searching for a small space for trials," she said.

"I didn't want to go to their house and I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable with coming to my house - I wanted a more professional atmosphere. I found this place and it is just perfect -it's nice and intimate."Her business is currently done by appointment only.

In addition to bridal makeup, Greenlee also offers cosmetic parties, private make-up lessons, brow shaping and airbrush tanning. Greenlee is also certified to perform eyelash extensions. She offers three different kinds: strips, clusters and individual lash extensions that can last from a day to two weeks.Canton resident Meridith Hall found Greenlee online about a year ago. Since then, Hall has tried everything Greenlee has to offer, from airbrush tanning to lash extensions.

"Everything she does is perfect," Hall said. "The makeup she does is amazing. She's very meticulous with everything which is the way I am, so it's nice to find somebody like that. She's just a really great person with a fun personality and fun to talk to."Greenlee said she usually talks to her clients about makeup and they usually walk away having learned something new, such as matching foundation to your neck, not your face.

"You want to match your foundation to your neck, not your face, because your face is usually darker than your neck or chest," she said. "Many women end up with that floating head look. Match it to your neck, then put the color back in your face with bronzer."


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What Makes a Professional, Professional?

I was talking to a psychologist the other day who said she couldn't do a proper job of helping people if she thought she had to accept every case that came her way.

We talked about "professionalism" at some length, and we agreed a part of it is retaining one's objectivity, one's independence.

The moment you believe you are beholden to clients, utterly at their beck and call, dependent on their revenue, you distort your processes simply in the interest of keeping the relationship going.

True professionals seek independence for themselves and for their clients. Dentists, for instance, embraced the introduction of cavity fighting fluoride, which of course, reduced tooth decay and dentists' incomes from repairing its ravages.

A right-thinking defense attorney doesn't want the accused that he just helped to avoid incarceration to commit another crime, simply for the income that recidivism will bring to him.

Professionals trust by making clients as independent and self-sufficient as possible they'll increase overall satisfaction, generate referrals, and ultimately produce more than enough to support themselves and their practices.

Professionals are also alert to when they should decline an offer of work, if it falls so far outside of our area of comfort or expertise as to make our successful involvement a question mark.

Of course, some of this philosophy seems alien to a person who sees things only from a strict "business" perspective.

The business person's favorite model is dependency based, whether it is hooking people on cigarettes, on the best-tasting chocolate brownies in town, or on a subscription to a magazine or a set number of movies-by-mail.

Surprisingly, it was Karl Marx, famous socialist philosopher, who reportedly observed: If you offer a man a fish you have made a sale.

If you teach a man to fish you have ruined a fine business opportunity.

So, professionals are not really business people, in the strictest sense.

Above profit, they place different values, and sometimes, being a pro means turning away a sure moneymaker for an ideal that is much less tangible.

Professionals permit themselves to accept more losses, deliberately pursuing what we might term a Lose-Win model, where their loss is the client's, and society's gain.

But part of being a professional is having the faith that the equities will even out and the books will balance in the long run, if they approach their practices with the proper outlook.

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is the best-selling author of 12 books and more than a thousand articles. A frequent expert commentator on radio and TV, he is quoted often in prominent publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. His seminars and training programs are sponsored internationally and he is a top-rated faculty member at more than 40 universities. Dynamic, experienced, and lots of fun, Gary brings more than two decades of solid management and consulting experience to the table, along with the best academic preparation and credentials in the sp


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Small Tips About Quick Make Up For Christmas Day

The Christmas vacation is the most important prosperous time to dress up you. 2010 Christmas is coming, it is the time for you to consider the shopping list of Christmas party, including leather bag, shiny liquid eye-liner and so on.
Roger Vivier evening leather bag which is filled with luxuriance and fashion, with Party shining flavour brings atmosphere of great joy. French romantic pink De Luxe Frilly bags for dinner, use satin and silk as bag material, match with classic Roger Vivier (buckle) water diamond inlay buckle, elegant and touching gloss is luxurious and attractive, Diligence Splash evening leather bag, the main material is raw python skin, decorated with metal beads, a feeling as its name like a smoke light appears on the leather bag, the design of the bag shape is also full of spiffy sumptuous feeling. And classic PRISME leather bag is also made from raw python skin, match with satin and japanned leather material, a simple and modern design, absolutely the best representatives of the party.
Shining liquid eye-liner is different from general black or pure liquid eye-liner, shining powder not only makes eyes own bright fascinating liner effect, but also let girls become electric eyes beauties. Shining liquid eye-liner is always one of the requisite star color cosmetic for most girls, super gloss and beauty make you become a focus of the Christmas Party.
And how to use shining liquid eye-liner to create satisfied Christmas Party eyeliner makeup
First, effect of eyes bedimmed with tears: Draw shining liquid eye-liner at the down eyeliner, remember to smear down eyelash, seems like shining tears, boys cannot help generate tenderly love.
Second, effect of mysterious lingering charm: Only smear at double eyelid folds, appropriate amount shows super taste.
Third, shining Party effect: Smear large parts overstep eyelid folds, use some on eyelash, you will become the focal point of the Christmas Party.
Fourth, dream big eyes effect: Only draw at the first part of the eyes, which has the effect of enlarging eyes. 
Fifth, effect of peach eye charm: Only smear at the end position of eyes, along the lower end of eyes draw slightly up, beyond the end of the eyes, then attractive eyes are born.
Shining liquid eye-liner also can be used as lip contour pencil, smear a little at lips can catch people's eyes immediately; the beauty can shock the whole audience.
Therefore, in your Christmas shopping list, leather bag and shiny liquid eye-liner are essential.

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What Is Airbrush Make Up?

The airbrush technique is done by using compressed air, which will break down concentrated colors of makeup, like blush or foundation, turning it into a very fine and very light mist. The mist, in turn, is sprayed ever so lightly onto the face and in careful layers, which gives a look that's both natural and flawless.

While the fine, concentrated mist can provide great coverage on its own, it also can be done evenly with some practice. Airbrushing is also great for hiding those everyday imperfections, like blemishes or moles, as well as being able to provide a way to enhance or lessen certain features of the face.

Traditional ways for applying makeup such as with brushes or even fingertips can cause damage to the skin, often resulting in tugging, pulling or scratching the skin's surface. The only thing that touches your face with airbrushing is the makeup itself, ensuring that your skin isn't damaged in the process.

It's also a wonderful way to ensure that any makeup application isn't put on too heavily when the layering techniques are done correctly.

Although people often think that using this technique means having to deal with the feeling of stuff getting blown into their face, many users find that it's actually a soothing process. They also commonly mention how it doesn't feel like they're wearing makeup, since the coverage and application of it is so lightweight.

Airbrushing is great not just for hiding everyday imperfections, like blemishes, but it's also good for more severe ones that most makeup methods struggle with or can't hide whatsoever. Things such as scarring, tattoos, birthmarks, bruising and many other problematic issues can easily be hidden effectively with the airbrush application.

Airbrush make up is a wonderful way to get the perfect coverage that many are looking for, all while being able to customize the look and color of your makeup to your suit your needs.

What's more, is the fact that it's also waterproof, eliminating the need to reapply things as often as you would have to with standard types of makeup.

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Make-up Removal Laid Bare

It's the end of a long, long day and all she wants to do is fall into bed…

Removing make-up is never as fun as putting it on, but neither is removing the duvet, and that's still something that just has to be done! Efficient make-up removal habits are beneficial in terms of maintaining healthy, blemish-free, radiant skin.

Most facial skin woes stems from those little problem areas – the pores. Blocked pores encourage spots and blackheads to develop, creating a blemished, uneven skin tone. Even natural beauty products leave their mark by clogging pores and increasing the risk of spots and blackheads developing. Mineral-based make-up is fantastic in terms of natural beauty skin care, however no make-up is formulated to be worn twenty-four hours a day.

Make-up should be removed using a cotton ball and specified make-up remover.

Make-up removers are easily available to suit any combination of skin - oil-free make-up remover, cream-based or even an astringent like witch hazel are all tailored to fit effectively into particular beauty skin care routines, areas of the face or skin types.

Professional make-up artists implore the GENTLE removal of make-up, avoiding any unnecessary stretching, scrubbing or pulling of the skin. Finding the most pertinent make-up remover that aids in soothing removal of the day's make-up encourages calm, blemish-free skin.

Natural beauty products are hailed as being kinder to the skin, but perhaps the kindest action is to carefully (and gently!) remove all traces of make-up in preparation for a thorough facial cleanse before a restful night's sleep.

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Tips of Asian Bridal Make Up-Part 1

When makeup artists apply Asian bridal make up, they employ many of the same techniques and strategies they use when working with brides from other ethnic and racial backgrounds. And of course, they still have the same end goal in mind: a radiant, glowing bride whose make up looks natural yet still shows up in the wedding pictures. However, there are a few tips they specifically recommend for applying Asian bridal make up on Asian brides.

Since the majority of Asian women have beautiful almond-shaped eyes, a main Asian bridal make up tip is to really play up the eye area. Make up artists recommend that brides use airbrush makeup on their wedding day because it lasts so long and doesn't run or rub off on their dresses. Airbrush makeup is also faster to apply than traditional makeup, so bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party can be made up quickly and easily.

When Asian bridal make up is done with an airbrush makeup kit, the airbrush makeup can also be used to camouflage burns from problematic eyebrow waxes or breakouts from facials.

Airbrush makeup also works well on the eye area, and since it dries on contact, it accentuates an almond-shaped eye without having to wait for liquid eyeliner to dry. There are numerous airbrush eye shadow shades to choose from, and the lighter, shimmery shades work best with white wedding dresses.

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Make-up With Ease

Giving a warm, natural color of blood rushing to your cheeks - this is what blush does. Blush gives depth and contour to your cheeks and accentuates your inner glow. Regrettably, blush comes in a wide assortment of hues, shades and tones that can get you confused on which shade is just right for your skin. A guide for novices and experts alike, read on to get the full story on one of the cosmetic industry's best effects.

1. Selecting the appropriate shade of blush for your shade of skin

This is identical to picking the right shade for your foundation, concealer or eye shadow. It is hard to pick out the right 1 - doing this would require understanding color theory. But, you don't have to worry. Blushers today are extremely flexible, that will blend onto your skin tone easily. Getting off at the wrong track, even so, will make your face drained or looking like a clown.

2. What to think about

There are a couple off simple things to take into account - skin and also the context.

Skin complexion

- Know whether your skin is really a warm or cool tone.

- If you've a yellow undertone, you'll settle in much better with cool colors like mauve, rose and pinkish plum.

- Orange, copper, almond or peach is proper for olive-skinned while blue skin tones ( darkened-skinned) can decide on dark red or auburn.

- Those with a neutral look might have any color while those with pink tones can go away with out a blush at all.

Skin intensity

- The darker the skin, the more powerful the color of the blush. So it makes sense that the lighter the skin, the lighter the blush.

- The amount of the blusher will improve or worsen your look. Having a blusher that is too weak for your skin won't even be observed.

- Fair-skinned women may use a shade from a pale pinkish red to beige - you can likewise apply powder blush on top to have that transluscent effect.

- Medium tones call for warm pinks, brown-based pinks or soft beige. For the olive-skinned, brown-red, soft berry, honey beige or plum pink is recommended.

- Those with a darker skin color can use deep bronze, soft mahogany or cocoa.


- Think about the color of your hair and eyes. Dark or black hair can make the skin look paler, so a stronger blush than the recommended shade may well be needed.

- Neutral shades like a bronzer ought to complement blonde hair and tanned skin.

- Peach is a more safe color for red heads or those with loud hair colors, since it competes together with your blush.

- Daytime or nighttime? Soft, natural colors like warm pinks, beige, peach, and mauve is more suitable for evening affairs. A bronzer can likewise be an alternative to blushers if you want a sun-kissed look.

three. Sure-fire blush selection, made easy!

Do exercise for about two to three minutes until your cheeks become pink. If you are still having a difficult time knowing what the correct shade is best for you, ask somebody from the make-up counter. Since they have charts and color wheels, it is best that you ask them for help on color.

4. Applying the Blush

If you're thinking on buying a blush, don't forget that you won't determine the real shade until you try it out. Apply internally of your forearm to ascertain the color. If it doesn't stand out, then you have picked out the correct color.

Experimenting with the correct shade and color would require a face fully make-up. This will let you know if your blush is balanced together with your make-up. Make sure that your blush will match the color of your lipstick. Applying just a little blush to the tip of your nose and chin will balance your look.

To ensure that your blush will blend with your make-up, apply blusher initial or else it'll compete with your eyeshadow and lip color. If you establish that you have too much blush, don't fret. Just acquired a dry and clean sponge to soften the colors. Keep in mind, this will all be in vain if you do not know how to make use of blush properly.

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