Eye Shadow Make-Up Tips

Your make up can make a statement on how you look. You can cover those tired eyes or enhance your charming lips. Choose the right make up style according to the occasion. You can apply a more natural and modest look when going to work and put on those smoky eyes with a little bit of dramatic look for a night out with friends. So if you're wondering how to do it without taking too much time then pull out those make up train cases and follow the lead.

The first thing to do when preparing to put on make up, whether for the day or night, is to apply an eye shadow as a primary base for your lids to help your make up look fresh and last longer. If you know how to apply an eye shadow you can certainly bring out the natural look of your eyes, enhancing its color and unique shape. You can also change the way it looks if you prefer to try something new. To give wide set eyes, apply a light to medium shape of eye shadow to your entire lid area. Then apply a darker color to the outer 1/3 of the main lid area, you can extend the color slightly beyond your eyelids if you want to. You can use you finger tip to blend both dark and light color to soften the edges of the lid. Use a pencil liner to slightly widen the outer edges of the eyes. Apply mascara to the tip of you eyelashes to make it look natural looking. You can tap a little mascara on your lower eyelashes but do not overdo it.

If you have eyes that set wide apart then you can definitely use make up to make the illusion, making it look closer. Instead of using a medium to light shade, use a lighter shade of eye shadow on your main lid area. Then apply a darker but complimentary shade of shadow along the inner corner of your lids and draw it out using a fine line along the crease of your lid. This dark shade adds depth and draws attention, creating an illusion that they are closer than they actually are. You can apply more liners and mascara if you desire. Be sure to keep your make up train cases neat and clean to avoid mess.

If you have small eyes and want a "pop out" look then you should start by applying a light shade of eye shadow just beneath your eyebrows, this will bring out a highlight effect. A medium shade of eye shadow is used for your main eyelid and a line of darker shadow on the crease of your lid to the outer edge, you can use your fingertip to soften and blend the colors. Apply eyeliner along the upper lid, just above the lash line and also the lash line on your lower lid, meeting the upper line and the outer corner of your eyes. You can use a pencil instead and use your fingertips to spread and soften its lines for a smoky look.

Eye shadows, lipsticks, eye liner, powder, and blush-ons - what other way of keeping your precious beauty products than with makeup train cases?

Krystal is a professional beauty consultant with Salon Hive

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